Time-releases fertilizers have become quite popular. However, it’s important that they’re used correctly and at the right time. A slow-release fertilizer gradually releases a set amount of nutrients, which reduces the chances of overdosing a lawn or waterway.

All plants that are fed with a time-release fertilizer can benefit because they receive a constant supply of elements, which are needed throughout the growth phase. Quick-release fertilizers are different because they’re water soluble, and slow-release fertilizers are not Read the rest of this entry »

Mulch is just one of those yard accessories that most people think is just decorative. While mulch is very beautiful when placed in gardens or around trees, it is also very useful for the actual plant as well and how healthy it is going to be in the long run. Mulch helps to regulate the temperature of the soil so that plants and roots do not get too hot during the scorching summer months. This is a good thing for you to use if you happen to have delicate flowers or bushes Read the rest of this entry »

Property owners and landscapers who are interested in creating a more successful and diverse gardening would do well to make use of a professional irrigation system. Limiting yourself to only the plants and options that are able to thrive in your natural climate could be costing you many opportunities to enjoy greater success from your efforts. Systems that make use of drip irrigation to supply plants and landscapes with the moisture they need can be Read the rest of this entry »

Just because you don’t have a lot of room to plant a garden, it doesn’t mean that you cannot have garden fresh vegetables when the weather is warm outside. As long as you have some big containers, and some sun, you can plant your favorite vegetables in your very own home.

Find yourself some nice containers that will go well with the rest of your decor. If possible, you may want to put your containers on a back patio. After all, Read the rest of this entry »

Incorporating Home Security in Your Garden

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Gardening can be a very therapeutic experience but it can grant you even greater peace of mind when you incorporate some home security systems into your design. All it takes is a few small additions, most of which can easily be purchased at your local department store and you can have a garden, landscape, yard, whatever you want to call it that both looks great by day and helps protect you at night.

One of the first things you are going to want to look into are some exterior lights for the backyard as well as the front. You can find these, as stated before, in most hardware stores and many of them even come with motion detectors that come on whenever something passes within range. And while you are designing your landscape, you might consider putting in gravel paths or patches near and around any windows. Why? Think about it. If anyone tries to get up close to your windows to sneak a peek, they will step on the gravel and you will hear them coming. There are even outdoor, surveillance units you can purchase that are shaped like modest, outdoor decorations. Any friendly lawn gnome can turn into a silent guardian.

And that’s just a few ideas. Show the neighborhood that you mean business with a great looking lawn and an even stronger sense of security.

Many people dream of growing quality, organic vegetables in the privacy of their own backyards. With many factors to consider like the quality of soil and depth of soil among others, many home owners find that the difficulties associated with planting a vegetable garden are too great. Raised gardens, in which plants are placed in a secured structure above the ground, are a viable alternative to traditional gardening. By using a raised garden for vegetables, many of the troublesome factors can be avoided altogether.

In a raised bed vegetable garden, the quality and pH of the soil Read the rest of this entry »

Knowing where the sun and shade in your garden is throughout the day is an integral part to making sure that the plants that you choose for your garden thrive. Many plants like full sun or partial sun, so it’s important to know where to put them in your yard. Not only does it save you money but not having to continuously replace plants, but your garden will look lush and full when you get the right plants in the spot that they love.

The best way to mark where the sun Read the rest of this entry »

Healthy soil is the key to a successful lawn or garden. While a commercial fertilizer works well to improve the quality of a lawn or garden, it does very little to provide nutrients. Organic fertilizers are a safe lawn and garden fertilizing alternative to chemical-laden commercial fertilizers, especially for households with children or pets.

The potentially dangerous, yet common, synthetic chemicals found in commercial fertilizers causes soil to lose it’s macrobiotic functions and organic matter over a period of time. As a result, the soil breaks Read the rest of this entry »

Pests in the soil can have an adverse effect on your vegetable and flowering plants. While there are many chemicals that can help you eradicate pests from the soil, they harm the environment and can also be harmful to you, your kids and household pets. The best way to make soil more pest resistant is to use organic pest control methods.

Diatomaceous Earth (DE) is an excellent way to remove pests from the soil. It kills ants and other soft-bodied pests in the soil. Sprinkle DE in Read the rest of this entry »