Treatments to Improve the Looks of Your Ceiling at Home

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Ceiling Improvement Ideas

One of the most noticed parts of the house upon entering is the floor. For this reason, many homeowners invest a lot to make their floors look great and shiny. There are many flooring options available, and you can choose anything depending on your style and budget. However, there is one part of the house that is rarely notice, unless you do sit-ups or lie down. Indeed, it is the ceiling.

homeimprovementA lot of home improvement ideas you can find online today are about the porch, kitchen, bedroom, windows, doors and the walls. There is less likely any tips and advice about the home’s ceiling. Today, you will learn different treatments you can do to improve the ceiling.

  1. Pressed-Tin Panels

These patterned-metal sheets are great for loft apartments and older homes. It looks traditional, which is why it does not suit the modern houses. These panels have been famous for the past decade, but still a popular choice for those who want to give their home an unsophisticated vibe. There are only a number of companies today that continues to manufacture pressed-tin panels. You will need to ask for help to have the tin panels installed because each panel can weigh 4 lbs. After installation, you can the paint the panels with the color you like and add accents too. There are also panels with different patterns, so you won’t have to paint it at all.

  1. Ceiling Medallion

If you want to do something on your own and instantly, install a ceiling medallion. This home improvement project is the quickest to complete. It only involves applying adhesive to the medallion, placing it to the desired location, securing it with screws and painting it. From $25 to $100, you can find different ceiling medallions at a local home depot. These are great in order to draw attention to your lighting fixtures or chandeliers. If you do not have a chandelier and lighting fixtures, it is great to liven up a plain ceiling.

  1. Wallpaper

The most versatile treatment for ceilings is wallpaper. It suits flat, sloped and even with irregular shape ceilings. You can find a wide array of textures and patterns in the market, which will give you a headache on choosing the best. However, you need to consider some factors when choosing a wallpaper color, texture and pattern that would make the room ceiling brighter, darker and attention grabbing. Applying wallpapers is usually a one-man-job, but it’s different for ceilings. Ask someone to help you in preparing the rest of wallpaper rolls.

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