Houston, TX Foundation Repair and Maintenance Tips

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Repair and Maintenance Tips of Foundation

If the homeowner is aware of the hairline cracks going-on in the house’s foundation, it is easy to prevent further damage ahead of time. However, most homeowners are not even aware of what’s going on. They are not even aware that the most important part of the house is the foundation.

These are the following tips regarding your foundation repair in Houston, TX that you should be aware of:

Fixing minor cracks using epoxy. If there is one thing that will surely happen to the concrete slabs, it is the hairline cracks. When cracks are still minor, there is a simple solution to that—usage of epoxy glue. Epoxy glue will fill the small gaps thus preventing further damage.

Maintaining the moisture level. If there is one thing that is really important in preventing your foundation to collapse, it is the moisture level. There are two seasons that can hit your foundation. The first one is the dry season. During this season, the soil surrounding the area shrinks so you need to substantiate the soil with moist through watering. On the other hand, rainy season will pave way to too much water absorbed by the soil. The best thing to do is create catch basin away from the soil surrounding the foundation walls. This will pave way to less water absorption into the soil.

As per advised by the experts, it is important to purchase watering system for the foundation system, best option is to consult ABC Foundation. This watering system can be used during the dry season to provide extra moisture into the drying soil. On the other hand, you can turn off the watering system during the rainy or wet season.

Drainage monitoring. In order to maintain a solid foundation in your house, you should also take care of the downspouts and the gutters. These two will direct the collected water away from your house. If the heaving of the water is not too far away, the moisture will be absorbed by the soil. Please make sure that you plan the water discharge far away from the soil surrounding the concrete foundation wall. According to experts, the correct parameter is 10 feet away from the house. This is a good solution especially if the soil surrounding the house is categorically expansive.  

If you need more information about foundation repair in Houston, TX, the first thing that you should do is to schedule a consultation with a contractor. List down all of your questions so you will be enlightened about the service.

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