Getting Rid of Termites Can Prevent Homeowners From Paying Costs of Foundation Repair in San Antonio, Texas

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Tips on How to Get Rid of Termites at Home

One of the most common causes of home foundation failure that leads to foundation repair in San Antonio, Texas is the existence of termites in some parts of the home’s foundation. These silent destroyers are pesky insects that can cause a huge damage to a home and even in your landscape. Termites often find food, shelter, and moisture in a home’s foundation because it’s where the wood touches the soil. A moist wood is a tasty food for these subterranean dwellers and a plentiful food source every hour of the day.

So if you want to save your house from these silent destroyers, make sure that you know how to manage your home’s foundation and totally remove the harmful termites. Here are several tips on how to combat termites and maintaining the health of your home’s foundation, here is the official source.

Foundation RepairFirst, consider hiring a termite specialist. These individuals know how to determine trouble spots and places around your home that are conducive colonies of these pesky insects. Some areas that are possible trouble spots include the puddles near your home’s foundation, moisture run offs around your air conditioning units, and drainage pipelines, read more.

Second, consider having an integrated pest management (IPM) in your home to control the spawning of many insects and pests including termites. This kind of approach focuses in creating structural systems that are less attractive to insects or provide treatment if signs of termite activities are noticed.

Third, use termite treatment options to treat or kill these insects. The best choice, however, greatly depends on the home and the species of termites that have started to live there. You can use termiticides that include baits and liquids or a combination of both if needed. Termiticides are one of the most effective ways of getting rid of termites because they provide long lasting effects that prevent these insects from entering the wood, least start to gnaw it away. You can choose a repellent or non-repellent termiticides to use in your home.

Fourth, consider using the treatment called baiting. This is done by burying in the ground a combination of paper and other tempting food for the termites and a slow-acting killer substance inside a plastic cylinder. In this treatment, the termites eat the bait, share it with others inside the colony and eventually their popular will start to decline.

Finally, the adage prevention is better than treatment rings true here. Avoid costs of foundation repair in San Antonio, Texas by taking a few simple steps on a regular basis. These include removing moisture problems inside your home that attracts termites, repairing leaking water pipes, cleaning downspouts and gutters, avoiding too much mulch or ground cover surrounding the foundation, sealing entry points of water to penetrate the foundation.

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