Foundation Repair in Dallas, Texas: Tips to Avoid Water Damage on Your Home’s Foundation

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How to Stay Away from Foundation Repair Caused by Water Damage

Water damage is one of the most common causes of foundation repair in Dallas, Texas. This is because water damage can weaken the very foundation of a home that holds the house or the building together. When water damage starts to hit the very core of your home, you can’t help but suffer a major structural damage, additional info

Here are some easy things that you can do that will give peace of mind and an assurance that your home’s foundation is free of any water damage.

Foundation RepairFirst, test your sump pump regularly. These pumps come in handy especially during the storms or other natural calamities. And these are also the times when you don’t want to know that your sump pump actually doesn’t work. Test your sump pump during summer or the time of the year before the rains come. This is to make sure that your house doesn’t get inundated when water overflows to your foundation, more on foundation companies Dallas here.

Second, watch our for persistent leaks. These leaks, small they may be, can eventually lead to mildew and mold and even termites that could potentially erode the stability of the foundation. Hence, the earlier you get into the root of the leak and fix it, the bigger the change that you’ll prevent serious damage to the foundation caused by water damage.

Third, check the dark spots under the pipes and other structural components for any sign of leak. Less obvious areas such as the insides of sink cabinets, ceilings, and behind the toilets are also prone to water damage due to drips. These dark and hidden spots are also favorite hiding places of vermins and insects that chew wood posts and piers so it’s best that you regularly check them.

Fourth, inspect your roof regularly. Don’t let rainwater seep in through your ceilings because of a loose or broken shingle. Sometimes it’s difficult to know that there are damaged parts of the roof unless you climb up and inspect them. Repair any cracks and leaks especially around flashing to ensure that not a single drip of water penetrates your ceiling and eventually your home’s foundation.

Fifth, make sure that the downspout is directed away from your home’s foundation. Downspouts are very useful tool in making sure that the water coming from the gutters don’t go down directly to your house’s lower areas. So if you’ve installed downspouts around your house, make sure that their openings are directly away from the areas surrounding your home’s foundation.

These are only some of the tips that you can do to prevent water damage that can cause expensive foundation repair in Dallas, Texas. Follow these tips and keep your home safe from failing foundation and possible erosion of the very core of your home’s foundation. To avoid unnecessary water in your lawn that may cause some problem to your foundation you may hire a landscaper too.

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