Healthy soil is the key to a successful lawn or garden. While a commercial fertilizer works well to improve the quality of a lawn or garden, it does very little to provide nutrients. Organic fertilizers are a safe lawn and garden fertilizing alternative to chemical-laden commercial fertilizers, especially for households with children or pets.

The potentially dangerous, yet common, synthetic chemicals found in commercial fertilizers causes soil to lose it’s macrobiotic functions and organic matter over a period of time. As a result, the soil breaks down, becoming hard and unable to hold moisture and nutrients. This increases the need for more commercial fertilizer to continually improve soil quality.

Organic fertilizer helps lawn and garden soil remain soft and airy. These organic materials aid the soil in retaining nutrients and water, which promotes healthy root growth.

Unlike the harmful runoff from watering a chemically fertilized lawn or garden, the runoff from organic fertilizer is virtually harmless to children and pets.

The main drawback to organic fertilizers is their inability to work as quickly as chemical fertilizers. However, since organic fertilizers perform slowly, it provides a steadier, continual source of nutrition for lawns and gardens, which is after all what nature intended.

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